I remember the days, not so long ago, when a bunch of buddies gathered around the kitchen table for our weekly poker game. We used what were then considered “ best quality 11.5g clay poker chips” purchased at the local discount or hardware store. They were slippery, non denominated and the chip colour break down were pre selected, sold as is. We thought they were perfect, besides.... there weren’t many other options. As the game of Poker became more and more popular, the quality, quantity and selection of items available soared. What was considered excellent then, is very basic now. Today we are fortunate to have so many options.

One can choose between lighter abs material or heavier clay composite poker chips, ceramic chips or the finest true clay chips. You can even choose between denominated or non denominated poker chips. These are all things to consider when buying a set of poker chips. If you need help choosing, the knowledgeable staff at Straight Poker Supplies can help explain the differences between each and show you samples for you to actually touch, feel and shuffle, prior to making a decision.

The best part of being in the market for a set of chips now is that the price of poker chips has actually dropped over the past 10 years. For the price of what someone would’ve paid for a cheap set of poker chips years ago, you now get an excellent quality set that will last a lifetime. To see different options of great quality, great value poker chips, like the Cash Club, Wild West and Monaco Millions poker chips, visit Straight Poker Supplies. You can even build your new set your way. Choose only the denominations you require. You may be an average poker player but now great quality poker chips are available at a price everyone can afford.